(Ancestors of Mary Kingsmill Goddard)

1. Hugh de Kingsmill

This family, whose original name was Castelayne, resided at Basingstoke from the twelfth to the sixteenth century. One of its members, for a personal service done to King John, had the grant of the Royal Mill at Basingstoke, and he took thereafter the name of Kingsmuln. Early in the reign of Edward I. the mill was alienated by Hugh de Kingsmuln, but the name was retained.

Family resided at Basingstoke from 12th to 16th Century.

2. John Kingsmill

Name of John listed in 1337.

3. Adam Kingsmill
m. Elizabeth

Names of Adam and Elizabeth listed in 1337.

4. John Kingsmill

5. William Kingsmill

6. Bailiff Richard Kingsmill
Bailiff of Basingstoke
b. 1415 Barkham, Berks, England
m. Unknown

7. Richard “of Doberton” Kingsmill (d.1511)
m.Alice and they had 4 children:

Child: Sir John b.1456
Child: Mary b.1468
Child: Unknown b.1471
Child: Alice b.1475, m. Thomas Bullock

His Will was made the 17th March 1510 and died at Basingstoke before the 28th of May 1511, the date of the probate of his Will. He is burried near his Wife Alice in the Church of St. Michael's at Basingstoke,England. Richard Kingsmill the common ancestor of the English and Irish branches of the Kingsmill Family of Basingstoke, Hants., and Barkham, Berks., was descended from Peter de KINGSMULIN, to whom a grant of and at Bretford, near Salisbury, was made [ temp.Henry III,post 1216]_ Richard Kingsmill was living in Basingstoke in the 3rd year of Edward IV, 1463. He entertained at his house there,by previous official arrangement on the 4th of November, 1501 the infanta Catherine of Arragon and her suite on her way to be married to Arthur Prince of Wales, Henry III eldest Brother.

8. Sir John Kingsmill
b. 1456 Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
d. 11 May 1509
m. Jane Giffard or Gifford (b. 1424?) d/o Sir John Giffard and Joan Brydges

Sir John was Justice of the Common Pleas n 1499 and one of the feoffees in the will of Henry VII. 4 Children:

* Sir John b. 1494
* Alice b.1497
* Mary b. 1499
* Morphuet selected Abbesses of Wherwell in 1536 in Winchester.

9. Sir John Kingsmill
b. 1494 Sydmonton Court, Hampshire, England
d. 11 Aug 1559
m. Elizabeth Constance Goring d/o John Goring and Constantia Dyke on 7 Nov 1519.

Sir John was High Sheriff of Hants in 1539/1544 They had seventeen children and their names are commemorated on a bronze tablet in Kingsclere Church. The will of Sir John dated 20 Jul 1556 names 9 sons and 3 daughters (marked + on will and * not on will)

+ Sir William (Heir) b.1521, d.8 Dec 1592, m.Bridget Raleigh d/o Sir George Raleigh.
+ Alice b.1522 Hampshire, d.before 23 Apr 1595, m. Bishop of Durham James Pilkington
+ Richard b.1523, d.17 Sep 1600, Atty. of the Court of Wards to Q.Elizabeth
+ Katherine b.1524 Hampshire
+ Roger b.1525 Hampshire
* Margaret b.1526 Hampshire, m.John Thornborough
+ Henry b.1527 Hampshire
+ Mary b.1528, d.1600, m.Sir Edward Goddard (d.1610) s/o James Goddard
+ John b.1529 Hampshire
+ possibly Edward, b.1530 Sidmonton, Hampshire, d.1611 Ireland
* dtr
* dtr
+ Sir George b. 1532 Hampshire, d.1606 St.Giles, Cripplegate, London, Justice.
* Arthur b.1535
* Jane, b.1537 Sydmonton, d.1599, m.Richard Cooper 1557 Rudgwick, Sussex
+ Andrew b.1538 Hampshire, d.Sep 1569 Lausanne
+ Thomas, b.1539 Hampshire

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