Cooke Family

Generation One
1. Mordecai1 Cooke married Susannah 1648; 2nd husband; he died before 1667.
He resided at 'Mordecai's Mount', Gloucester Co., VA. He immigrated in 1639 to Elizabeth City Co., VA.
Susannah married Michael Peasley; 1st husband.
Known children of Mordecai1 Cooke include:

          i.   John2 Cooke resided at 'Beechley', Gloucester Co., VA.

          ii.   Giles Cooke.

          iii.   Hon. Mordecai Cooke, born circa 1649; married Frances Ironmonger.

          iv.   Thomas Cooke, born 1651; married Mary.

Generation Two Hon. Mordecai2 Cooke (Mordecai1) was born circa 1649; he married Frances Ironmonger, daughter of William Ironmonger and Elizabeth Jones, circa 1670; he died circa 1718. He resided at 'Mordecai's Mount', Gloucester Co., VA. He was Sheriff of Gloucester Co. He was a member of the House of Burgesses between 1696 and 1702 at Virginia. He was a Justice between 1702 and 1717 at Gloucester Co., VA. Frances Ironmonger was born circa 1654. She was living in 1695. Known children of Hon. Mordecai2 Cooke and Frances Ironmonger were as follows: 4 i. Elizabeth3 Cooke, born circa 1671; married Richard Buckner. 5 ii. Frances Cooke, born 1673; married Gabriel Throckmorton. 6 iii. Mary Cooke, born circa 1680; married Thomas Booth. 7 iv. Mordecai Cooke, born circa 1685; married Frances Whiting. v. John Cooke was born circa 1690; he married Elizabeth Booth, daughter of Mordecai Booth and Joyce Armistead; he died 1776 at 'Cedars', Gloucester Co., VA. He resided at 'Cedars', Gloucester Co., VA. He and Elizabeth Booth had 4 children. He left a will on 8 Mar 1776. vi. Susannah Cooke was born 7 Dec 1693; she married Hon. Henry Fitzhugh, son of Col. William Fitzhugh and Sarah Tucker, 24 Feb 1718; she died 21 Nov 1749 at age 55. She and Hon. Henry Fitzhugh had 8 children. Thomas2 Cooke (Mordecai1) was born 1651; he married Mary; he died 1712. He resided at 'Warham', Gloucester Co., VA. He resided at 'Woodbury', Gloucester Co., VA. Known children of Thomas2 Cooke include: i. Thomas3 Cooke was living in 1749. ii. Benjamin Cooke married Margaret. He and Margaret resided at Gloucester Co., VA. 8 iii. Mordecai Cooke III, born 1680; married Elizabeth Buckner.

Generation Three Elizabeth3 Cooke (Mordecai2, Mordecai1) was born circa 1671; she married Richard Buckner, son of John Buckner and Debora Ferrers, circa 1689; she died 1748. Richard Buckner was born in 1662. He died in 1733. He resided at Essex Co., VA. He was County Clerk between 1703 and 1712 at Essex Co., VA. He was Clerk of the House of Burgesses in 1714 at Virginia. He left a will; proved 4 Mar 1733. Known children of Elizabeth3 Cooke and Richard Buckner were as follows: i. John4 Buckner. ii. William Buckner. iii. Philip Buckner. 9 iv. Elizabeth Buckner, born 1690; married Mordecai Cooke III. v. Maj. Richard Buckner was born circa 1720 at Virginia; he married Elizabeth Aylett, daughter of William Aylett; he died Dec 1777 at Virginia.

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