B: about 1525 Collingham, Nottingham, England
M: Unknown
D: Unknown
Children: 1.1.William Presley


B: 7 May 1562 London
D: Unknown
M: Winifred Griffin about 1587 London ???


B: about 1608/1609
M: Jane Newman
D: Dec 1655

1.1.1.William Presley was an early inhabitant of Northumberland County and was Burgess in 1647, 1648. He died in 1657 and his will is copied below.

Date of the arrival of William Presly into the colony has not been determined. He is recorded representing Northumberland County in the House of Burgesses, 3 Nov 1647. This is two years before he claimed a patent for his transporting of 23 persons, in 1649. Nell Marian Nugent, compiler of Cavaliers and Pioneers of Virginia, records the arrival date of the Preslys in America as 1649 when William Presly transported his wife, Jane, and three sons, Peter, William and Paule Presly.

William Presley received an additional grant, 29 Jul 1650, easterly upon the Potomack River and southerly upon the land of John Earle for transporting of two people. These two people have been identified as Hannah Newman and Jane Presley. Jane is probably a sister of Robert Newman since no mention is made of her, as a daughter, in William Presley’s will. Hannah Newman is said to have been the wife of Robert Newman. From the preceding records we can surmise that William Presley’s family consisted of his wife; his oldest son, William; his second son, Paule; and his third son, Peter. Paule Presly’s only mention in the early records is in the transported listing above. The name Paule is a surname found extensively in Dorset and Devon. It is spelled Paule, Paul, and Pawley in the early records. It would suggest that the family had a connection to the Preslys or the Newmans. No christening records have been found, to date, so the birth dates are up to conjecture.

Children: Presley Presley Presley. (William was paid for transporting his wife Jane and 3 sons (William, Peter and Paul). No other record of Paul.

Children: Presley. He died before his father. Presley. He died without male children. Presley was Burgess in the long assembly 1661-1675, but was returned to Bacon's assembly in June 1676. He also served as sheriff. After the restoration of Berkeley, he was again a representative. PRESLEY
B:1608 England
M: Elizabeth Thompson
D: Dec 1655 Presley, Peter was a justice of the county and a Burgess during the “Long Assembly” from 1662 until 1676, at the time of Bacon’s Rebellion.

Children: Presley m. Richard Rogers, m. others Presley m:John Cockerill (Milly) Presley m: Alexander Cleveland Presley m1:Daniel Neale, m2:Wharton Ransdell Peter Presley m. Hannah Rodham
Note: Order of children of Peter Presley is not known.


Ursula's 1st husband was David Neale. Their children were Hannah, Presley, Daniel, Christopher, Rodham and Francis Neale. They were named in this order in David Neale's will.

Ursula's 2nd husband was Wharton Ransdell. Their children were William, Wharton, Edward. PETER PRESLEY

Peter Presley lived at 'Northumberland House", Northumberland county. He was a justice of the peace and Lt.Colonel of the militia, and a Burgess for Northumberland from 1711 to 1748, about which time he was murdered by two of his white servants. His will was proved September 10, 1750. He married Winifred Griffin ???, daughter of Colonel Leroy Griffin, and left an only daughter, Winifred, who married Anthony Thornton. His grandson Colonel Presley Thornton, inherited all the Presley estates and was member of the council 1760-1769.

Peter was the last male Presley of the Northumberland Presleys.

Will of 1.1.1. William Presley

When William Presley wrote his will, his son William was of age and his son Peter was not. However, by 1652 when they signed the Oath of Allegiance Peter has reached the age of 21.

William Presley’s will follows: 15 Aug 1650, probate 20 Jan 1656/57, For my body I bequeath it…….in certain hope of a joyful resurrection to be buried as near to my deceased wife as conveniently may be.

To my sonne William Presly - land lying and bounding as is exprest in the Pattent being by Estimation three hundred and fourty acres , be it more or lease to him and his heires for ever moreover I give to him the rights to one huncred acres of land due to me for Anne Gilbert and Jonathan Parsons and one hundred acres more or less above Yeocomico River between John Earle and Phil….Silvster.

Item - I give to my sonne William one Pyd cowe black and white wch was formerly John Haynies and one red cowe which came from Mr. Humphrey Polk, one steere of twelve months old and the advantage my sonne Peter sees fit to deliver.

Item - I give him the sd Wm two steere calves.

Item - My will is that a thousand pounds of pork --being paid to George Berry for a servant I am to have of him this yeare -- and another thousand pounds of Porke being laid out of my stock of hoggs for ye buying of another servant this yeare that the remains of my hoggs be divided into two parts -- two parts whereof I give to my sonne Wm and the third part to my son Peter.

Item - I give to my sonne Wm. either the boy Jonathan or the Servant Berry shall bring in, wch my sonne Peter shall think fitt. and the other thousand pounds of Porke aforementioned I give to my sonne William to buy him a man.

Item - I give to my sonne Wm one of the pieces of -- wch I bought of Mr. Henry Roche and one of my best suits of Clothes either Cloth or Stuffe--cloth Cloake.

After Henry Roche or James Willis is paid for his Cloth either in Porke or Corne, the Corne of this Crop is to be divided into three parts -- two parts thereof I give to my sonne William and the third part I give unto my Sonne Peter.

Item - I give unto my Sonne Wm a thousand pounds of Tobco to build him a house.

Item - I give him one hundred of the apple trees yt be in the nursery. I desire that my two sonnes may live together & in case they part that my sonne Peter help my sonne Wm to rleave his plantation at convenient times when Peter and his Servants be most at leisure and not hindered by it.

Item - I give to Humphrey Fulford at the end of the time hee is to serve me one cowe calfe.

Item - My will and pleasure is yt if either of my sonnes dies without issue the survivor be heir to his brother.

I give to my sonne Wm the wooden chest that stands inye Room in which he lodgeth.

Item - I give to my grandchild Wm Presly one cowe calfe to be delivered at the next valuing.

Item - All the rest of my goods household - Stuffe debts cattle & chattal whatsoever with all the rest of my land not herein given or bequeathed with all my houses, Tobacco houses & other edifices to the same Plantation belonging with what Servants I shall then be possessed of at the time of my death and herein otherwise given, I give to my sonne Peter Presly, whome I make the full and whole Executor of this my last will and Testament, Ratisfying Confirming the same - and renouncing all former wills by me made - I appoint Wm Presly my sonne to be Guardian unto my Sonne Peter till he comes of age and that they live together till my sonne Peter comes to one and twenty and longer if they think good and that they live together. And I will that my Sonne Peter have the Benefitt of his Cattle and Labour during his minority. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand seal this fifteenth day of August Ano Dni 1650.

William Presly

Witness of the Subscribing, Witnessing and Delivering hereof, John Aires, Simon Demebiello, Th Willford, No’ry Public 20 Jan 1656

This will was proved by the oathes of Mr. Tho Willford & John Aires & is recorded. [21]

Will of Wharton Ransdell, 2nd husband of Ursula Presley

Wharton Ransdell’s will, in Westmoreland County Virginia Book 13, page 143, starts off in the “standard form” and mentions his son, Edward Randell “the lands on which I now live,” his Mulatto girl, Susanna Wood, and Negro girl, baptized by the name of Mary, also his silver “wach” and silver-hilted sword, as well as his “still and worm,” and all “tyte casks.” Land bought of Willoughby Newton, on Beaver dam run of _?_ River, in Stafford County, part of which he had given his daughter, Sarah Elliott Pierce. Then he mentions son, Wharton Randell-2, to have a Negro named George, and his clothes of every kind. Son, William-ii received lands in Prince William County and a Negro girl named Pegg, and his “molatto boy,” Robert Wood. He next mentions Sarah Elliott Pierce, his daughter, to have money to buy a mourning ring, as she had already received her portion. He mentioned his wife, Sarah Randell, having chairs and a couple of horses. The rest of the estate was to be divided between his wife, Sarah, and his three sons, Edward, Wharton and William. His will was probated April 25, 1758.

My relationship to William Presley:

William Presly (1525 - )is your 10th great grandfather

William Presly (1652 - )Son of William

William Presly (1608 - 1655)Son of William

Col. Peter Presley (1625 - 1693)Son of William

Ursula Presley (1675 - )Daughter of Col. Peter

William Ransdell (1720 - 1776)Son of Ursula

Hannah Ransdell (1758 - 1810)Daughter of William

Elizabeth G. "Betsey" Moore (1791 - 1840)Daughter of Hannah

David Barton Brite (1831 - 1863)Son of Elizabeth G. "Betsey"

Mary Magnolia Brite (1862 - 1945)Daughter of David Barton

Ava Eugenia McMahan (1885 - 1966)Daughter of Mary Magnolia

Edward Eugene (Dick) Fox (1912 - 1980)Son of Ava Eugenia

Dick D. Fox (-1939) Son of Edward Eugene (Dick) Fox